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The new Table Top version of Napoleon's Imperium is now available.

Although our ebook is provided free we do appreciate a gold coin donation to help us walk with our local communities. Thank You 

Our new ebook is now ready to download. 

Covid19 redefined the corporate capture of language because as the winds of the Pandemic swept through Global politics, it revealed the depths of political hypocrisy and incompetency to lay bare the cultural toxicity of blaming the victim. As communities struggled to maintain sustainability and resilience, the mass media chimera that had dominated political narratives for more than 75 years began to unravel globally and as protestors took to the streets an anxious and fearful public brought their voices together to reject the propaganda of the ‘Wealth before Health dogma and its Corporate masters.

As the dissenting voices became louder they both challenged and disrupted the political spectrum. Protests that targeted municipal organisations and the private/public partnerships that supported them demonstrated how Corporatisation was failing to mitigate the increasing social hardships and civil unrest. So, as the chimera of neoliberalism failed to deliver or maintain a cohesive, inclusive conversation capable of leading and supporting the people and their communities, an ancient media was revived and it is this media that Walking Into The Winds of Change now explores and celebrates.

Walking into the Winds of Change rediscovers, through language and conversation, the drama that lies beyond the reality of people’s lives and explains how a traditional media can incorporate all the individual or personal artistic mediums crucial to communal learning and expression. This "traditional media" although ‘flying under the radar’ has a long-standing presence in communities ranging from the ancient past to the present day and it is today an important vehicle that conveys information, culture and education through communities from generation to generation. That it is freely available and accessible without technology is also an important consideration as the cost of mass-media and unfettered Social Media today represents a major anxiety within local communities and their leadership. So come, walk with me as we explore, “some of the most vibrant forms of traditional media” that have for millennia represented the masses of people most deprived of specific messages.

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