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Subscriptions help us connect communities and share wisdoms

The Central Coast Community Shed is dedicated to connecting communities by bringing people together in friendship. 

Our membership is proud to include a number of professional service providers, organisations and businesses who support our vision. 

Members of the Central Coast Community Shed Inc join an alliance that actively promotes the ways that everyone can contribute to the social and emotional wellness in their communities. 

Our Vision

  • To provide a place where people come to meet and greet as companions. 

Our Purpose

  • The Central Coast Community Shed connects and reconnects people with others who care. 

The Central Coast Community Shed Inc provides affordable access to personalised support services which are integrated within local communities and dedicated to promoting the independence, well-being, dignity and peace of mind of each person with whom we befriend. 

Our Values

We believe:

  • Everyone should be treated with respect and consideration.

  • Everyone should have access to the resources necessary to maintain a decent quality of life.

  • Friendship is the way we all share leadership, learning and social wellness.

  • People’s visions, passions and skills have to be shared to be effective.

The Central Coast Community Shed story …

Building on the very successful Australian men’s shed experience the Community Shed provides a place where families, businesses and professional services come together to share their stories and inspiration so everybody can create a resilient and sustainable future.

By helping to bring stories into reality our Shed is providing both leadership and hope where before there was none. Our members use the Friendship Project to talk about their lives and dreams while Shed Connections allow them to tell the world of how they have brought inspiration into reality.

Join with us today so we will walk together into a future we have inspired into being …

Central Coast Community Shed Inc.

8 Kitty Place, Watanobbi NSW 2259

#connectingcommunities & #sharewisdoms


Thank you, subscriptions help the Shed to bring people together in friendship so we

can all share wisdom & companionship.

Central Coast Community Shed EFT details:      BSB 633 000      Account: 155 859 861    Your last name and initials.

Individual membership

$15.00 per year

Family membership

$35.00 per year


Professional membership

$75.00 per year

(Introductory price)

Subscriptions help us to connect communities & share wisdoms 

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